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Excerpted from Citizens Commission on Human Rights of Colorado article, “Psychiatric Industry Aims to Profit from Racism, Targets African Americans”

Rev. Fred Shaw, Jr.
Rev. Fred Shaw, Jr., founder of Task Force Against Psychiatric Racism and Modern Day Eugenics

In response to the psychiatric industry’s plan to sell psychiatric drugs and mental health treatment as the answer to racism, the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) International and Rev. Fred Shaw, Jr., launched the Task Force Against Psychiatric Racism and Modern-Day Eugenics.  Its mission is to investigate and combat institutional racism and inform and empower the African American community with the facts about racism and eugenics masked as mental health care.

Rev. Shaw  is an ordained minister with over 25 years of experience as a human rights advocate. He served as a Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff and is currently the Executive Director of the Inglewood-South Bay chapter of the NAACP. He has obtained three NAACP national resolutions against the forced drugging and electroshocking of children and teens, and he is a past recipient of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation award for his NAACP leadership and dedication in protecting children against psychiatric labeling and drugging. He is also a CCHR spokesperson.

As a human rights organization and mental health industry watchdog, CCHR has exposed and campaigned against racism and racial abuse in the mental health system since its inception in 1969.  CCHR has worked with the NAACP since 2003 in exposing the stigmatizing labeling and drugging of African American children and, with Rev. Shaw, in obtaining the three national NAACP resolutions.

The entrenched legacy of eugenics in the mental health industry  has permeated all sectors of society, paving the way for racial discrimination and abuse.  CCHR is dedicated to bringing to light the truth about how psychiatry and psychology are the instigators and peddlers of racism, not the help for it.

Excerpted from an article on the Citizens Commission on Human Rights of Colorado website.