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Childhood is Not a Mental Disorder

Childhood is Not a Mental Disorder

Drugging Children – Did You Know?

CCHR: The Brave New World of Mental Health “screening”

No More ADHD                                                                      

The Drugging of Children—Why We Fight For Kids

Psychiatric Drugging of Foster Children – One Kid’s Story

Antidepressant Induced Suicide—One Mother’s Crusade

ADHD? Prove It

Psychiatry Misleading the Public

CCHR: What’s Wrong with Psychiatry? A Psychiatrist Explains

Psychologist Toby Watson – Psychiatry is Misleading the Public About Mental Disorders

CCHR: The Psycho/Pharmaceutical Industry with Shane Ellison

Psychiatrist Hyla Cass: First Do No Harm

Harmful Effects of Psychiatric Drugs

Define Better

Psychiatric Drugs – Search Warnings, Studies, Side Effects

School Shootings & Psychiatric Drugs – Constitutional Attorney Jonathan Emord

CCHR: Psychiatric Drugs Side Effects

CCHR: The Psycho/Pharmaceutical Industry with Shane Ellison

CCHR: Antidepressant Warning

Veteran Suicides

Colonel Bart Billings, Psychologist—Help our Veterans, Don’t Label & Drug Them

The Strategy—The Hidden Enemy Documentary—Chapter 1

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Electroshock – It’s Torture

About CCHR

CCHR: What We Believe

Dr. Thomas Szasz Tribute – Psychiatrist, Acclaimed Author & CCHR Co-founder